i1 SUPERCAR Series


5 Venues.9 teams.18 Drivers.1 Series.

The i1 Super Series is a novel single-make racing series, designed specifically for Indian audiences and recognized as the best-in-class.

Here, 9 teams stand for 9 Indian cities and blaze alive the tracks, where two cars represent each team, one driver being a certified international motorist and the other a certified Indian driver, by mandate.

The i1 Supercar Series begins with the maiden season of races held across multiple international racing circuits. The 9 teams and 18 drivers compete for the title of the i1 Supercar Series. With a prize money of $ 2 Million USD, the action promises to be both fast and furious.

Radical Sports Cars provide the vehicles for the series. The standard cars will test the experience and skills of the drivers in the international circuits where the cars are designed to touch speeds of 250 kmph and will accelerate from 0-100 in just 3 seconds, while the drivers experience up to 2.5 G force around corners.

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