Alonso receives a shiny red reward

alonso-n ferrari

Gym bunny Fernando Alonso with his incentive bonus.

It turns out that there was more to the Ferrari Formula One drivers' visits to the factory at Maranello this week than at first met the eye.

Ferrari, it would seem, doesn't send its full development team to the fly-away races outside Europe, so the guys whose responsibility it is to fix the problem didn't know what had gone so drastically wrong for Felipe Massa in the wet at Sepang.

Massa, rather than being on the carpet, was actually there to help.

Malaysian Grand Prix winner Fernando Alonso, by contrast, was on the carpet - the red carpet, that is. The hero of the hour, who had just given Scuderia Ferrari its 217th GP win since the series began in 1950, had a nice long chat with chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, followed by a debriefing with the techies, a stint in the works gym and a flag-raising ceremony outside the race shop.


It has long been a Maranello tradition to run up the company flag after each Formula One win, of which there haven't been very many over the past few seasons, so one can forgive the team for making a meal of this one.

Finally, Alonso was given a bit of an incentive bonus, in the shape of a bright red (what else?) four-seater (does Ferrari know something about his love life that we don't?) all-wheel drive Ferrari FF.

Here's hoping it spurs Alonso on to further efforts; that flag could use a little more airtime.

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